Real time restaurant tracking application

metriK for SambaPOS
metriK provides instant tracking for restaurant owners using SambaPOS.
Stay informed about your restaurant with graphically supported dynamic reports.

Compatible with ALL SambaPOS Versions

Easy to Use

Real Time Data Tracking

Dynamic Reporting

Wherever you are, Whenever you want

With constantly updated data, you can get information about your restaurant at any time.

Location Independent

You can access your restaurant’s data even if you are not physically there.

Mobile Access

You can follow your restaurant with your smart phone.

Dynamic Reporting

In addition to instantly updated basic informations, metriK allows you to access more detailed and graphically supported reports.

  • Product Reports

  • Income Reports

  • Staff Reports

  • Chain and Branch Reports

  • and dozens of different reports…

We got your back

After synchronizing your metriK app with the SambaPOS at your restaurant, you can access all of your restaurant data. No need to worry anymore about what’s happening at your restaurant.

Best Friend of Restaurant Owners






What is SambaPOS?

SambaPOS is the only Restaurant POS Software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Customer Experience

Start using.

Download the app and synchronize it with your SambaPOS.
Get your restaurant into your phone.

metriK is tracking and reporting application developed for restaurant owners using SambaPOS. It is not the mobile client.